Our Story

How did we become Apprize?  It's a unique story...

Apprize got its start in 2001 inside a Benefits Brokerage Firm in Minnesota. The leaders of that firm were convinced that their clients deserved better benefit enrollment options. They decided to make the investment in software and people and became the first reseller of the BenefitsConnect software platform.

We started as benefits experts – not technology gurus! As we say "We bought the plane, now we had to learn to fly it" for our clients. Finding the right people to deliver and support the system was the key to our successful launch of an online benefit administration platform. With the BenefitsConnect system, our clients immediately realized savings in time, money, and paperwork.

When other benefit brokers saw our success, we started receiving requests to "fly the plane" for their clients as well. In 2006, Apprize was formed to provide benefit administration software and support services for benefit brokers to deliver to their own clients.

Today Apprize serves hundreds of employers with 50 to 5000 employees, across the country. We've learned a lot along the way. One size does not fit all, so we now offer a complete toolkit of benefit software and service to deliver a customized solution to any client's needs and budget. We've also learned that any technology is only as good as the people and service behind it, so we've created a unique "single point of contact" support model. And, we've kept what we knew from the start – that a team of benefit experts running best in breed technology delivers a better experience.

The definition of apprize is "to add value." We believe that the way we add value is through listening to the needs of brokers and employers and bringing best-in-class solutions to meet those needs.