Can health insurance decrease absenteeism?

Can health insurance decrease absenteeismFor many companies, the idea of having to pay health insurance for their employees is daunting. The costs related to health insurance can be astronomical, especially if you have a lot of employees working for the company. Although there seems to be a lot of issues that arise with providing health insurance to your employees, there are some great benefits to it as well. In fact, health insurance can possibly decrease absenteeism among your employees. Being able to rely on your employees to come to work instead of calling in can make the company more efficient. The question is how health insurance correlates to less absenteeism. Here are some reasons.

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Future worker benefit trends

Future worker benefit trendsBenefits have come a long way over the years and they continue to change as employees require more and more from their employers. In order for employers to retain employees and keep them happy, they are looking for ways to treat their employees with perks that fit into their benefit plans. Employees should look at the different voluntary benefits potential employers offer when deciding on the job. This can outweigh many bad qualities about a company and even increase the salary if calculated properly. As time goes on, the workforce will see many changes in the benefits trends that they have never seen before. Here we outline a few of the newest trends that are making their way into the benefits package.

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Workforce issues in healthcare benefits

Workforce issues in healthcare benefitsThere have been numerous changes in health care benefits now that the healthcare reform law has taken place. From an older population participating more to a younger population declining their company’s benefits, the changes can be seen in numerous polls that have been conducted throughout the country.

As the new health care reform has taken over healthcare benefits, companies are starting to see new trends happening. One of those has been the aging population that is continuing to participate in their company healthcare plan. As the baby boomers start to head toward retirement age, it is interesting to see how this generation views the new health care reform laws. So far, many organizations have found some interesting facts within the workforce that have resulted in the changes with the healthcare benefits.

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The Hiring of Leadership, why its critical

Hiring LeadershipWhen companies go on a hiring spree, they often have a set of requirements they are choosing from. The position will dictate what type of person to hire in many cases so that the human resource personnel often knows what they are looking for before they go into the interview. All human resource personnel want to recruit the top talent. While this can be a daunting task, there are also ways to help make this process smoother and hire a leader for their company. Even in the smallest position at the company, it is crucial to hire leaders. While not everyone can have a manager role, you want to be sure that each employee can stand on their own. Here are some reasons why it is always important to hire a leader for a company.

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Reasons benefit enrollment will go electronic this year, and how to get up to speed

Reasons benefit enrollment will go electronic this year, and how to get up to speedFor years companies have struggled adopting the idea of enrolling employees into their benefits online. Instead, they use the tired old method of handling everything by paperwork. With so much technology pointing to a faster, more efficient method of online enrollment, many do not understand why companies choose not to go this route. In the past, a lot of companies have had a hard time switching gears when it comes to adopting a new method of handling benefits enrollment. This can be attributed to a lack of acceptance of change or not having the budget to adopt this new way of doing things. Whatever the case may be, many more companies are seeking out the newest way of enrolling employees by doing everything online. What has attributed to this change? Here are some reasons benefit enrollment will go electronic this year:

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Hiring for Corporate Culture

Hiring for Corporate CultureWhen most companies go to hire an employee, they usually get a slew of resumes in which they narrow them down for interviews. The narrowing down process is usually done solely based on qualifications. A company will go through each resume focusing on qualifications, experience, and abilities when deciding who they want to take through to the next level. Once the applicant is being interviewed, it is rare to hire them based on how well they fit with the company. Primarily, the decision is based on how they work and less about how they will work with the rest of the employees. This is a crucial component to hiring, retaining, and keeping the culture consistent. First, you must understand what corporate culture can mean to a company.

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New IRS Tax Form 1095 and how to get your employees up to speed

New IRS Tax Form 1095 and how to get your employees up to speedDuring the 2014 tax year, the marketplace sends out an IRS tax form 1095 if an employee signed up for the Health Insurance Marketplace. This form is crucial when needed to fill out the 2014 Federal income tax return. In order to keep this form safeguarded, it is always best to keep it with other important financial documents. As a human resource officer, it is essential that you help employees to understand what the IRS tax form 1095 is and how to use it. This will help ease your employee’s minds so that they are able to take care of their health insurance and employee benefits properly. In order to do this, you also must understand what the form is about and how to use it properly.

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How advisers can help employees with ACA reporting requirements

How Advisers Can Help Employers with ACA Reporting RequirementsIf you fall under the requirements to start providing health coverage to your employees and their dependents, you want to make sure you get the paperwork filled out and filed right away to avoid any penalties. These penalties can be very steep and cause you to lose a lot of money if not handled immediately. Unfortunately, the ACA reporting process is very complicated. If a company is new to the Affordable Care Act, it can be difficult for them to get through on their own. In order to get through the reporting process, many companies are looking for guidance from advisers who are knowledgeable about the ACA. When it comes to completing the reporting process, here are some reasons you should look to an adviser for help:

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Hiring and Managing Millennials

Hiring and Managaing MillennialsMany people see millennials as a group of lazy and arrogant people entering the workforce. The sense of entitlement many millennials give off can turn away an employer looking to hire. While it may seem like these are bad qualities, millennials are great to have in a company because those same qualities can be turned into positive traits. They push a company to evolve and adapt to change. For most companies, the senior officers have been in the industry for many years. Adjusting a business model can be very difficult when you have senior officers who have worked with the present model for decades. By hiring millennials, you are forced to change it, which can be a huge benefit to your customers.

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Managing Long Summer Vacations

Managing Long Summer VacationsWhen summer hits, most employees put in for their summer vacations. While it may be expected, it can also leave you with a scheduling conflict trying to run a business with less people. It is inevitable that some employees will schedule their vacation on the same weeks as others. It is important that you plan ahead to avoid major conflicts with vacation requests. By planning ahead of time and displaying clear policies for vacation requests, you can avoid many hassles that HR officers are going through all over the country. While it is impossible to please everyone, you want to make it is possible for all your employees to get the vacation dates of their choosing as long as it does not put the company in jeopardy. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through long summer vacations.

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The Great Name Debate: Human Resource Personnel or Chief People Officers?

The Great Name Debate: Human Resource Personnel or Chief People Officers?Those who were once thought of as the people watchdogs of corporations may now be getting a facelift, in title and mandate. When it comes to image of a human resource department, many top executives question, at least subconsciously, whether the non-profit generating department is worth the cost.

Human resource officers are weighing in and bearing a brand new image in the boardroom with titles such as Chief People Officers. While some leaders and executives are skeptical if this is really needed, others are saying let these professionals call themselves whatever they want as long as the job gets done. In order to decide if this a real debate or just a trend, it is important to understand why human resource personnel long to be called by a different title.

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The Next Wave of ACA Requirements is Coming:

Don’t Get Caught in the Tsunami

On a beautiful summer day, January can feel a long way away…

But if you own a business with 50 or more employees, the truth is: January isn’t far off at all. And if you, like thousands of other employers in this country, still haven’t chosen the ACA reporting system or vendor that will keep you compliant with the law, January, 2016 – and the ACA deadlines that come with it – are rushing toward you.

Next Wave of ACA Requirements is Coming: Don’t Get Caught in the Tsunami Of course, you already know about the January and February 2016 deadlines. You know what they demand. To be compliant with The Affordable Care Act, every employer of 50 or more is now required track monthly benefits eligibility, elections and waivers of coverage. And in January and February of next year, all of that information must be reported to every employee – and the IRS – using forms 1095-C, 1094-C. If you’ve already gone paperless with your benefits reporting, great! Your electronic systems are ready to handle all of these requirements for you. Depending on which system you chose, it may even be able to handle the 6055/6056 variable hour measurements that come along with ACA compliance.

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Human Resources and Their Struggle with the ACA.

affordable care actAs a human resource officer, it is your job to deal with any new developments that would affect your employees. One of the biggest changes has been in the health care field. The Affordable Care Act serves as an insurance program designed to ensure that all Americans have access to insurance. As new developments occur, it is the job of the human resource personnel to stay on top of what’s going on so they can relay the messages to their employees. Staying in the loop can be a daunting task and can plague a human resource officer time after time. To better understand what many human resource personnel, you have to understand their struggles with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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The Hiring Practices of Highly Successful Organizations

The Hiring Practices of Highly Successful OrganizationsA business is, more often than not, only as successful as its weakest employee, and in a time when the job market is so saturated with applicants who all seem to think they are  'the best fit for your company', how are you to determine who truly is the right fit for the job, and for your company.  It can be a nightmare as an HR professional to be responsible for all the wagonloads of resumes and applications that come in daily, while also filtering through each of those resumes to find the perfect match for the role available.  Luckily it seems, there have been some hiring practices used by extremely successful companies over the past few years, which have proven to be extraordinarily successful and effective in determining the right applicant for the right role.  These practices, when implemented correctly, also have proven to be advantageous to a companies overall functionality and growth.

In a recent survey-based study by Development Dimensions International and Electronic Recruiting Exchange, it was proven that HR professionals following a few definite hiring practices are a main link to an organizations overall success.   These practices are simple, straightforward, and can lead to great outcomes for both you and your company.

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Employee Predictable Scheduling

Employee Predictable SchedulingIn recent business news there has been much talk and debate about the current move toward "predictable scheduling" and if it is in fact entitled to employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The concept of predictable scheduling is meant to legally force organizations and employers to give their employees the right to a stable work schedule and to advance notice of that schedule.  There are some specific practices that this effort is aiming to correct, including irregular schedules, on-call periods, call-in requirements, split shifts, rotating shifts, and 'unstable schedules'.  The Economic Policy Institute has gone on record noting that practices such as those described above, often lead to work-family conflict and can significantly increase work-related stress.  Currently, the retail industry and food service industry are the ones garnering most attention for their lack of predictable schedules, but they are not alone.  The business/repair services industry, the entertainment/recreation industry, and the finance/insurance/real estate are also among the other industries that have been recognized for their undesirable scheduling practices.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing

Do's and Don'ts of InterviewingYou get that call you have been waiting for. The one that says you have an interview with the company you had hoped to work at, but now that the time has come, you need to start preparing. Whether you have interviewed 100 times or this is your very first job, your goal is the same. You want to do well in the interview and snag the job. On the other hand, the person who just called you for the job understands that they have a position open and need to fill it with the right candidate. Both sides have a daunting task ahead of them and preparation will be key in order to be successful. Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, there are certain things you should consider before heading into the interview.

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Human Resources NightmareThe world of Human Resources has a reputation of being daunting and difficult.  It often is, but it could be for a variety of reasons that you can take control of.  Organization and knowledge are the two tools you need to sharpen if you want your HR Department to run smoothly and to keep yourself and your organization running properly and simply.  Here is a list of ten HR Nightmares that are known to happen that you can avoid with the right training, knowledge, and organization.

Create a system for tracking time off and use it!  Don't let an employee take advantage of your organization by neglecting to track time off and PTO.

Know your competition and what they are offering so you can stay one step ahead!  Always track what the current industry standards are when regarding pay and benefits.

Always be precise and thorough in documenting employee performance problems, violations, and complaints.  Expecting the problem to disappear on its own will never work; properly addressing employee problems is the best way to solve them.

Make sure you consistently apply the policies and procedures that govern conduct in your company.  Create a Policies and Procedures manual for all employees and update it regularly to avoid such claims.

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HR Methods to Improve Employee Performance

HR Methods to Improve Employee PerformanceEmployee performance has been a long battle that many Human resource personnel have struggled with over the years. When it comes to improving employee performance, human resource must make it a priority. You can’t expect your employees to be on top of their game all the time, but you can whip them into shape when the motivation becomes slack. Staying on top of your employees is critical in order to get the most out of them, but you can hound them until they lose all motivation at all. As the human resource personnel, it is your job to keep the employees motivated and the performance level up. Here are some ways to do this more effectively.

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