Optional Features and Partner Services

As your needs grow or change, we offer the optional features and services to meet them.  We’ve also formed partnerships with best in breed payroll and insurance solutions to offer our clients even more value and flexibility.


If you already have a payroll solution you like, Apprize creates a seamless bridge between the two systems.  If you’re ready for a new payroll system, ask about our fully integrated Payroll services.

Payroll Integration

Apprize integrates with all common payroll solutions and can build interfaces with new ones.

  • Integration eliminates the need for manual and double entry
  • Information is seamlessly and securely exchanged between systems

Payroll Services

Apprize also provides a complete, fully integrated Payroll solution through our payroll partner, Paylocity. This solution brings clients the best in both Benefit Administration and Payroll.


Benefits Administration is so closely tied to the rest of your HR functions, that it makes sense to combine everything in an integrated system. Our optional HRIS module offers a suite of features.

Candidate and Applicant Tracking

You can manage your organization’s entire talent lifecycle, from sourcing to recruiting, tracking and onboarding, all with a single online module.  Applicants use a customized recruiting portal to search and apply for jobs.  Managers can quickly pinpoint suitable candidates from a pool of applicants and enjoy maximum efficiency throughout the entire hiring process.


By automating your onboarding process, you allow managers to easily port over relevant information from the application stage. And employees can complete new hire information online.  Using the Dashboard and customized reports, you gain valuable insights into hiring trends.


Apprize automates key processes, reminds workers when they must complete a task and offers a robust management view of workflow. With Apprize, you can:

  • Standardize and automate any company process with easy-to-create workflows
  • Notify appropriate parties when a workflow requires their action
  • Gain better process management by ensuring steps are completed consistently
  • Use the Dashboard to track workflow completion and trends

Time Off Tracking

Your employees can easily request and track their time off while keeping managers up-to-date.  Features include centralized time-off tracking, rules-based eligibility engine, online approval, denial, exportable reports and review of time-off requests and balances

  • Customizable settings allow you to manage all of your time off and holiday rules and schedules
  • Employees can easily view, request and manage time off online
  • Route time off requests to the appropriate manager or admin user for review
  • Use the Dashboard to gain key insights into trends in employee time off data and utilization

Performance Management

Apprize makes it easy for you to gain insights into employee performance and growth. Features include management goal-setting, online performance reviews and calculation/analysis of review scores.

  • Automate the entire performance review process
  • Performance Managers or HR staff can easily create positions and review forms
  • Customizable settings for scoring, creating position competencies and goals and scheduling reviews
  • Employees can view and complete reviews and performance results from the employee portal