we know employer online benefits enrollment and administration system

We Know Benefits

And our systems are designed to remove your headaches, not create new ones.

EOI?  HSA?  COBRA?  Guarantee Issue?  Defined contribution? If you are in Employee Benefits, you know what these terms mean.   You’d be surprised by how many big Software and Payroll companies offering Benefit Administration don’t.  

  • Apprize Technology is a team of experienced Employee Benefits professionals who understand, first-hand, how online employee benefits administration should work. 
  • We’ve combined our benefit expertise with best in breed software to create a customizable, scalable solution to fit every client’s needs and budget. 
  • We bring Benefit Expertise and technology together, so our clients get the best of both worlds.


When we tried to use our payroll system to enroll benefits, I was always trying to explain how benefits worked. Apprize knows benefits, and it makes it much easier.